Marine Equipment and Systems
Anemometers and Maritime Meteorological Observation Systems
In Japan that is surrounded by oceans, accurate information of the marine weather situation is extremely important. NEI's maritime meteorological observation systems provide comprehensive observation and processing of not only wind direction and speed, but also air temperature, dew point temperature, water temperature, atmospheric pressure, illuminance, etc. In addition, NEI delivers also various types of anemometer for ships, including "true anemometers" to provide true (same as in stationary conditions) wind direction and speed on moving ships.

Clear view screen and Window Wipers for Ships
Good visibility is extremely important for the safe operation of ships. NEI clear view screen and window wipers are designed with emphasis on the durability to shock and corrosion to be required on ships. They keep constant visibility, even in heavy rain, spray, dense fog or heavy snow.
Wiper,Clear view screen
WiperClear view screen
GEBO hatch
GEBO hatch

Wind direction & speed sensor

Wind direction & speed sensor
Wind direction & speed indicaton

Wind direction & speed indicator
True wind direction & speed indicaton

True wind direction & speed indicator